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Servo motor Injection molding machine how to save energy?
In addition to plastics, electricity is the largest cost of injection molding products, it is necessary to save.
Energy-saving nature: injection molding machine to produce such as clamping and injection molding and other actions, but also to produce heat within the barrel of plastic heating / plasticizing. Kinetic energy and the economy, can only start from the reduction of waste, no other way. Let us first review the two laws of thermodynamics.
The first law of thermodynamics is the first law of energy conservation. In the energy conversion, the energy only from one type to another state, but before and after the conversion of energy is equal, neither increase nor decrease.
The second law of thermodynamics: the second law of thermodynamics that in the conversion process, entropy (entropy) will only increase, not decrease. It is difficult to say a few words about thermal entropy. For this discussion, the second law can be simplified as "useless" output energy is heat.
Asynchronous motors: The traditional injection molding machine is asynchronous (squirrel cage) motor to drive the pump. The stator of the induction motor drives the rotating magnetic field in the three-phase electric field. Take the quadrupole stator and 50 Hz power supply as an example, the magnetic field is rotated at 1500 rpm. Rotor on a number of diagonal copper branches, they are short-term in the end. This cage name. In the rotating magnetic field, the copper branch on the induction flow. Current and magnetic field interaction under the torque, turning the rotor. Rotor speed than the rotating magnetic field low 20 ~ 60 rpm, so called asynchronous motor).
The silicon-iron sheets overlap to support the copper branches of the rotor and the coils of the stator.
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