Laboratory Injection molding Machine

SSF520-M Color chips making plastic injection machine(64grams)

SSF520-M Color chips making plastic injection machine(64grams)
SSF520-M Color chips making plastic injection machine(64grams)




SSF520-M Parameters for Color Chips
Clamping unit Clamp force KN 520
Open stroke mm 270
Distance between tie bars (W*H) mm 300*300
Max mould thickness mm 340
Min mould thickness mm 100
Ejector stroke mm 70
Ejector force KN 25
Ejector number PC 1
Dia of mould location hole mm 100
Others Max pump pressure Mpa 16
Pump motor power KW 5.5
Heating power KW 4.7
Machine dimension(L*W*H) m 3.3*1.1*1.6
Machine weight T 2.2
Oil tank capacity L 115
Notes:(1)Theoretical injection volume=screw diameter×screw stroke;
     (2)Actual injection weight is 91% of the theoretical volume;
     (3)All the data is PS values.
Remark: Above-mentioned technical parameters are all theoretical values in 50HZ operation state. The technical parameters are subject to change for technical improvement without notice.


Mold platen drawing


Further to SSF380-M, in order to fulfill more customer requirements for testing color masterbatch with large size and the engineering plastics properties, we developed a new model machine SSF520-M.

The main features of this machine are;

1.Special designed screw, improve plasticizing;

2.Machine is small, easy to operate, investment and maintenance cost is low;

3.For professional, so to be outstanding


SSF520-M injection molding machines is special designed for masterbatch and engineering plastics suppliers, the raw material to be tested widely included but not limited like PA,PC,ABS,TPU,PET,PS,PP,HDPE,LDPE, PBT.PPS,PA,PPO,PMMA.


This test plastic injection moulding machine is widely applied.You can send us sample for free testing before you order the injection machine, you can fully assure to buy this machine after your verification.

You can also send us the color plate's size, we can design the mold for you per your request and recommend the most suitable plastic injection machine for you.




1.Advanced higher educational college for teaching purpose;

2.Advanced higher college to research new raw material and modified plastic for high polymer, as a lab testing purpose;

3.Masterbatch manufacturer, test its product’s color dispersion and plasticizing, as a lab testing purpose;

4.Masterbatch seller, to test the color for customer’s color matching.

5.Engineering plastic supplier to test their raw material properties specimen per GB, ISO, UL or ASTM standards such as TS,FS,Izod Impact,HTD,VST, Hardness, Burning behaviour and so on.


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