Advantages of Small Injection Molding Machine

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With the improvement of social technology, people's lives have become faster and faster. The demand for plastic products is increasing. Many manufacturers have taken a fancy to the advantages of small injection molding machines and use small injection molding machines to produce various plastic products.

Small Molding Machine with Complete Functions

The range of molded parts and products produced by injection molding machines is almost unlimited, so there is no limit to the variety of injection weights and product sizes. They can range from 0.001 to 0.01g for micro parts, and they can also be large car parts with a shot weight of about 66kg.

However, most injection molded parts fall within these two boundaries and weigh from several grams to hundreds of grams. For example, common small parts, such as plug pins, plug connectors, seals, toys and electronic objects, and other related fields (this happens to be the main application area of small injection molding machines with a clamping force of up to 500kN).

Like the large injection molding machine, the structure and function of the small injection molding machine are roughly the same. For example, they also have two-platen, toggle lever, and full hydraulic clamping equipment.


The Price of Small Molding Machine

Looking at the purchase price of a small injection molding machine, it can be found that it increases as the clamping force increases, while the price calculated according to the unit clamping force decreases.

The reason for the higher purchase price of small molding machines can be understood as follows: The way they use parts and components is exactly the same as that of medium and large machines.

However, the higher purchase price per kilonewton of clamping force is not an obstacle to the use and popularization of small machines. For users, the more important thing should be the cost associated with the product, because the purchase price of the machine is only one of many cost factors. Not all the various effects are always known, and can be factored directly or indirectly included in the product cost.


Have Lower Production Costs

SS Machinery’s experience shows that machines using larger multi-cavity molds can indeed expect higher output per hour. However, the cost of molds, machinery, auxiliary equipment, floor space, depreciation, energy consumption, and maintenance are also high. The result is that the total cost of production per hour is proportional to the increase in the output of each machine and mold.

Therefore, using large machines with multiple cavities has neither cost advantages nor cost disadvantages for the company. However, there may be some limiting factors that are not so prominent on small machines. For example, every machine group needs maintenance and service, because only preventive and systematic measures can maximize the minimum wear and tear of the machine and improve efficiency, integrity, and productivity.

For ss machinery companies, small machine maintenance and service have such advantages: usually, it is not necessary to completely stop the production of one kind of part. This is because the molds of the same product are installed on different machines for production, even if one of them is carried out. Maintenance, production can still continue.


Can Be Efficiently Produced

Product coloring is a critical process, and toy manufacturers are particularly concerned about this because the same product often requires different colors. Several sets of different molds installed on each small machine can be used to manufacture products of different colors in parallel. This arrangement can have higher production efficiency than using one set of molds on a large computer.


Development of Small Injection Molding Machines in China

Plastic injection products are the most diverse in industrial products, including large products as large as car bodies weighing tens of kilograms, and miniature gears used in industries such as automobiles, information, and medicine with a weight of only a few milligrams.

Plastic injection molding is the most important molding process in plastic processing, and plastic injection molding machines have become the most common type of plastic processing machinery. Usually, in plastic molding machinery, the ratio of injection molding machine to the extrusion molding machine is three to one. The current situation in China is similar.

In all plastic injection products, the parts weighing tens to hundreds of grams account for the vast majority. This is the working range of small injection molding machines with a clamping force below 500 kN.

The largest number of plastic injection molding machines in China is precisely this type of small injection molding machine, which is estimated to account for as high as 90% to 95%. Therefore, small injection molding machines have become one of the main forces of China's plastics processing machinery.



As shown by the examples obtained from various processing manufacturers, so far, small injection molding machines have been impressive in terms of their production benefits. Many machine manufacturers have experienced that the considerable growth in this area is not unreasonable.

If you also need an injection molding machine, you might as well take a look at what benefits our small injection molding machine can bring you.

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