How To Select A Cost Effective Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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How should I choose an injection molding machine?

Generally speaking, enterprise or department managers and related technicians who have been engaged in the plastic products industry for many years have experience in using injection molding machines, so they have the ability to judge and select suitable injection molding machines for purchase.

However, many enterprise or department managers may not know about injection molding machines, or do not have professional technicians to provide reference, so they need the assistance of injection molding machine manufacturers to decide which type, which model, which parameter of injection molding machine to use, or even Customers may only have samples or ideas of plastic products, and then directly ask the injection molding machine manufacturer whether the machine can be produced, or directly ask which model is more suitable.

In addition, some special products may need to be equipped with special devices such as pressure accumulators, closed loops, injection compression, etc. to produce more efficiently, and these can only be known by experienced technicians or after actual production.

It can be seen that how to choose a suitable injection molding machine for production is a problem faced by many customers.


1. Select the model and specification series from the plastic products.

Since there are many types of injection molding machines, it is first necessary to correctly determine which type of injection molding machine, or which specification series of injection molding machines should be used to produce the plastic product, such as general thermoplastic or bakelite raw materials or PET. Raw materials, etc., are single color, double color, multi-color, interlayer or mixed color, etc. In addition, some plastic products have special requirements: such as high stability (closed loop), high precision, ultra-high injection rate, high injection pressure or rapid production (multi-circuit), etc., and the appropriate series must also be selected for production.

2. Suitable Size

Judging from the size of the mold, whether the "inner distance of the large column", "mold thickness", "minimum size of the mold" and "size of the mold plate" of the machine are appropriate, so as to confirm whether the mold can be placed.

3.Work schedule

Determine whether the "mold opening stroke" and "mold ejection stroke" are sufficient to allow the plastic product to be taken out from the mold and plastic products.

4. Tonnage

The tonnage of "clamping force" is determined by the plastic product and the type of plastic. Since the plastic raw material will be injected into the mold cavity at high pressure, it will generate a force to support the mold. The clamping unit of the injection molding machine must provide enough "clamping force" to keep the mold from being stretched.

5. Determine the required "injection volume" and select the appropriate "screw diameter" based on the weight of the finished product and the number of mold cavities.

A. To calculate the weight of the finished product, the number of mold cavities (one mold with several cavities) needs to be considered;

B. For the sake of stability, the injection volume should be more than 1.35 times the weight of the plastic product.

6. Determine the "screw compression ratio" and "injection pressure" and other conditions based on the type of plastic.

Some engineering plastics require a higher injection pressure and a suitable screw compression ratio design to have a better molding effect. Therefore, in order to make the finished product injection better, the injection pressure and compression ratio must also be considered when selecting the screw. . In general, a smaller diameter screw provides higher injection pressure.

7. Confirmation of "injection speed".

Some finished products require high injection rate and fast injection to form stably, such as ultra-thin products. In this case, it may be necessary to confirm whether the injection rate and injection speed of the machine are sufficient, and whether it needs to be equipped with pressure accumulators, closed-loop control and other devices. Generally speaking, under the same conditions, the screw that can provide higher injection pressure usually has a lower injection rate, and on the contrary, the screw that can provide lower injection pressure usually has a higher injection rate. Therefore, when selecting the screw diameter, the injection volume, injection pressure and injection rate (injection speed) need to be considered and traded off.


In Conclusion

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