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In this article, we have provided you some of the best Injection Molding Machine manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam along with their information. Please be patient and read this article.


Mexico Injection Molding Machine Market Analysis and Outlook (2023)

The global injection molding machine market size was valued at USD 14.71 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2023 to 2030. The adoption of injection molded components is expected to increase across several industries including automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and packaging.(see details:https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/injection-molding-machine-market)

Rising demand for in-transit packaged products in Mexico due to increasing purchasing power and busy lifestyles of consumers is expected to positively impact the development of the packaging industry in the country. Booming packaging industry and rising popularity of injection molded packaging products are expected to drive demand for these products in Mexico over the forecast period.

Growing demand for enlarged floor space across various industries has led to growth in new construction and refurbishment projects in the country. Moreover, increasing number of large-scale infrastructure investment projects is likely to fuel the growth of the construction industry, thereby driving the demand for injection molded components used in the construction industry. This is expected to have a positive impact on the market growth in the country.

Factors such as easy access to new advanced technologies in the electric vehicle industry, availability of highly skilled labor, presence of advanced processing capabilities, and increased R&D programs are driving the penetration of electric vehicles in Mexico. Increasing demand for injection molded components is expected to augment the growth of the Mexico market.


List of Best Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers in Mexico

Table of Contents

  1. EVCO Plastics


  3. Redstone

  4. Shibaura Machine

  5. KraussMaffei


1.  EVCO Plastics

Company Profile:EVCO Plastics is a very professional local injection molding machine manufacturer in Mexico, they opened their third factory in Juarez, Mexico, a new 67,000 square feet factory with 16 injection molding machines up to 3,000 tons and room for expansion

Location: EVCO PLASTICS DE MEXICO M Pablo Livas 4211 Colonia Guadalupe Victoria

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.evcoplastics.com/

Main Products:Plastic Injection Molding, Multi-shot Molding, Insert Molding, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding, Stacking Molding, Secondary Operations



Company Profile:Shuangsheng is an injection molding machine company from China. It is located in the fourth largest port city in the world and the economic center in the south of the Yangtze River Delta. It is one of the small and medium-sized precision injection molding machine research and production enterprises with rich experience and strength in China. ——Ningbo City.

They provide customized machines for domestic and foreign customers, including color chip injection molding machines, high-heel injection molding machines, plastic gear injection molding machines, two-color plastic flower injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines and other special machines. A molding machine with the advantages of fast cycle time, stability, novelty and automation.

Location: No.91 Mingke Road,Yinzhou Industrial Zone,Jiangshan Town,Yinzhou Area,Ningbo,China

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.ssmachinery.com/

Main Products:K5 Series Fixed Pump Injection Molding Machine,S Series Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine,Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine,Electric Injection Moulding Machine,Two Mix/Three Mix Color Plastic Flower Artificial Plant Injection Molding Machine,PET Injection Moulding Machine


3. Redstone

Company Profile:Redstone Manufacturing is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer in Mexico, they have been supplying injection molding machines. Redstone's President Eric Millinger began his career in international manufacturing as a supply chain manager for the agricultural machinery industry. After successfully outsourcing to China, Eric saw the difficulties of international manufacturing and started Redstone Manufacturing to help the company through the storm.

Location: Museo Internacional del Barroco

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://redstonemanufacturing.com/



4. Shibaura Machine

Company Profile:Shibaura Machinery is a leading global supplier of high-precision electric injection molding machines located in Mexico, producing high-precision electric injection molding machines ranging from 30 to 2,750 US tons and servo hydraulic injection molding machines ranging from 110 to 3,850 US tons.

Shibaura Machinery stocks over 100 machines in North American inventory for fast delivery. Their US assembly facility allows them to quickly customize machines to their customers' specifications. Capabilities include; powering machines for test runs, installing software updates, installing special options, and performing machine inspections prior to shipment.

Location: Circuito Luxma  No. 115 Poligono Industrial Milenio, Leon, Gto. 37290

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://shibaura-machine.mx/en/

Main Products:Injection molding machines, CNC machine tools, die-casting machines, system robots


5. KraussMaffei

Company Profile:KraussMaffei is one of the world's leading manufacturers of injection molding machines. Their range of products and services covers all technologies of injection molding, extrusion and reaction process machinery. This gives us a unique selling proposition in the industry.

With a strong innovative capacity, they ensure sustainable added value for their customers along the entire value chain through standardized and individual product, process, digital and service solutions. They provide these services to customers in the automotive, packaging, medical and construction industries, as well as manufacturers of electrical and electronic products and household appliances, among others.

Location: Mexico

Company Type: Manufacturer

Website: https://www.kraussmaffei.com/

Main Products:additive manufacturing,extrusion technology,Reaction Process Machinery,Injection molding machinery


In Conclusion

Above are the most popular Injection Molding Machine manufacturers and suppliers in Mexico, please keep them in mind if you want to buy Injection Molding Machine. If you ask me which manufacturer is the most cost-effective, I recommend Shuangsheng!

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