What you need to know about servo injection molding machines

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Encouraged by the increasing environmental demands and policy requirements for environmental protection, various energy-saving facilities, equipment or technologies have received much attention in recent decades, such as servo energy-saving technologies in the field of injection molding machines. Many people do not understand what is a servo injection molding machine, so today this article will answer all your questions about servo injection molding machine.

What is a servo injection molding machine

In modern industry, it is interpreted as a servo system and a system that realizes the instruction requirements. In the application of injection molding machinery, the servo system receives the command signal of the computer, and achieves accurate speed and pressure control by changing the speed and torque of the servo motor. During the execution process, the feedback is detected by the rotary transformer encoder and pressure sensor, and the servo system performs Correction compensation, that is to say, the closed-loop control of speed and pressure so that the injection molding machine runs stably and the product qualification rate is high;


Flow control principle: When the pressure detected by the pressure sensor is less than the pressure set value, the servo drive controls the speed of the servo motor to keep the output flow of the pump at the set value.

Principle of pressure control: When the pressure detected by the pressure sensor reaches the set value, the servo drive controls the torque of the servo motor to keep the output pressure of the pump at the set value.

Benefits of using servo injection molding machine

Energy saving

The core of the closed-loop servo control system of the injection molding machine lies in: according to the actual needs in the production process of the product, the corresponding flow and pressure are accurately and quickly provided to realize the oil supply on demand, and the overflow loss is completely eliminated. This meets the requirements of rapid, precise and energy-saving plastic molding.


Pressure control accuracy: advanced and reliable PID algorithm makes the system pressure fluctuation range less than ±0.5bar to ensure the high quality of products.

System accuracy: The accuracy of the injection end position can reach 0.1mm, and the repeat weight accuracy of the oil pump can reach 0.15%, reducing the defective rate.

Fast response

"0~Maximum pressure output" response time: minimum 20ms; "0~Maximum flow output" response time: minimum 30ms.

The high speed of the servo motor can quickly increase the output of the oil pump, increase the system speed, and bring extremely high production efficiency.


The hydraulic oil has stable temperature rise, which can save oil and extend the service life of hydraulic components.

The difference between the ordinary injection molding machine and servo injection molding machine

The difference between the servo injection molding machine and the ordinary injection molding machine is the motor.

Ordinary injection molding machine: non-stop operation, even if the machine movement stops, the motor does not stop rotating.

Servo injection molding machine: Each different action will use the corresponding power to provide power, as if the machine is not moving, the servo motor will also stop completely.

How to choose the servo injection molding machine

1. The servo system with high power and torque should be selected first, which will directly affect the overload capacity during high-pressure action, and the ultimate performance of the machine can be tested through the physical object.

For example: use the highest pressure for a long time load (recommended not less than 40 seconds), and check the state of the machine after many cycles; currently, the magnet of the servo motor has different levels of M, S, H, SH, SH is the highest level, And the maximum magnetic flux (that is, the number of magnetic lines per unit area), high torque output is more advantageous, and its overload capacity is good; avoid using a cheap servo system, because the servo system will be easy to overload the servo system for a long time. Demagnetization occurs, and the power of the machine decreases;

2. Pay attention to the connection method of the motor and the oil pump, whether to use a reliable coupling and bracket structure, because the servo motor will frequently accelerate, decelerate, brake, and reverse during the operation process, and all are completed within tens of milliseconds This will affect the axial concentricity and cushioning during the driving process, and thus affect the service life of motor bearings and oil pumps.

3. Pay attention to the data that affects the operational efficiency of the machine, such as the displacement and speed of the oil pump. The greater the displacement of the oil pump at the same speed, the higher the operation efficiency of the machine. The maximum flow output requirements and speed should be considered in the selection of the displacement of the oil pump. Relationship, on the premise of ensuring the highest flow output requirements, it is recommended that the speed design is within a reasonable safe range to ensure the reliability and service life of the servo drive system. The low-speed design also brings faster response speed, but this will Increasing the cost of the machine involves the price positioning of the machine. Both the user and the machine manufacturer need to have a forward-looking cost allocation.

Servo injection molding machine manufacturer

ss machinery company was established in 2002, is a Chinese injection molding machine brand. The company's annual production capacity of precision injection molding machines reaches 1200. Our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, manufacturing and sales. Our products are not only sold well in the domestic market, but also exported to foreign markets, which has formed a certain influence in the international market. Our company produces small precision injection molding machines, 32T to 410T servo injection molding machines, custom PET bottle injection molding machines, PVC Pipe injection molding machine, two-colour plastic flower injection molding machine, etc. We also provide customized services according to customer requirements.


These are the basic information about the servo injection molding machine. If you are interested in more information about the injection molding machine, please contact us immediately. We will give you a satisfactory answer.

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