Two Color Injection Molding Machine

What is a Two Color Injection Molding Machine?

Two-color injection molding refers to the injection molding of two different materials into the same set of molds, so as to realize the molding process of the injection molded parts formed by the two materials. Some two materials are different colors, and some are different in softness and hardness, so as to improve the aesthetics and assembly performance of the product.

Advantages of Two-color Injection Molding Machine

Compared with traditional injection molding, the dual-material co-injection molding process has the following advantages:

1. The core material can use low viscosity materials to reduce injection pressure.

2. From the perspective of environmental protection, the recycled secondary material can be used as the core material.

3. You can use lower quality core materials to reduce costs.

About Our Two Color Injection Molding Machine

ss machinery mainly provides a two-color molding machine with injection weight of 64~196g. Mainly produce various types of plastic flowers. Below is our main hot selling plastic flower injection molding machine

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