K5 Series Fixed Pump Injection Molding Machine

Small Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine(SSF520-K5)

high quality
Small Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine(SSF520-K5)



Main Features

  • Automatic production, no secondary pollution, meets sanitary requirements
  • Continuous production and high efficiency
  • Controllable clamping force and good repeatability

Injection Molding Machine Parameters

SSF520 Parameters 
Items Parameter Unit SSF520
Injection Unit Screw diameter  mm A B C
25 28 32
Screw L/D ratio L/D 22.6 20.2 17.7
Shot volume(theoretical) Cm3 56 70 92
Injection weight(PS) g 51 64 83
Oz 1.8 2.3 2.9
Plasticizing Capacity g/s 5.6 6.9 8.8
Injection rate g/s 59 74 96
Injection pressure Mpa 265 211 162
Screw speed rpm 200
Clamping unit Clamp force KN 520
Open stroke mm 270
Distance between tie bars (W*H) mm 305*305
Max mould thickness mm 340
Min mould thickness mm 100
Ejector stroke mm 70
Ejector force KN 25
Ejector number PC 1
Dia of mould location hole mm 80
Others Max pump pressure Mpa 16
Pump motor power KW 5.5
Heating power KW 4.7
Machine dimension(L*W*H) m 3.3*1.1*1.6
Machine weight T 2.2
Oil tank capacity L 115
Notes:(1)Theoretical injection volume=screw diameter×screw stroke;
         (2)Actual injection weight is 91% of the theoretical volume;
         (3)All the data is PS values.
Remark: Above-mentioned technical parameters are all theoretical values in 50HZ operation state. The technical parameters are subject to change for technical improvement without notice.

Mold platen drawing



Industry: electrical instruments, auto parts, medical parts, packaging, daily necessities, aviation tableware, children's toys, construction pipes, laboratories, etc.

Products: electrical enclosures, socket plates, gears, cages, droppers, bottle caps, preforms, cups, disposable plastic cutlery, hot wheels, PVC pipe fittings, color plates, splines, etc.

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We have established cooperations with agents from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Netherland, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Iran to market and provide after-sales service to our small injection molding machines. We warmly welcome agents and customers from more countries to cooperate with us.

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Our smallest SSF520-K5 injection molding machines are applied to produce precision plastic parts like Medical parts, electronic small parts, plastic color chips and other small plastic parts, with its small size, fast cycle time, friendly operation screen, warmly welcomed by customers.
Clamping unit: The platens were designed using Finite Element Analysis software, ensuring a stable and rigid clamping system. Five-point inward moving toggle system ensures high rigidity and precision for mold clamping and also reducing stress and stain effects;
The moving platen is fitted with adjustable slide support system to improve platen parallelism and provide better tie bar and mould protection and lengthen the working lifetime.
Chrome plated tie bars, made from alloy structural steel are designed and manufactured for high rigidity and wear-resistance.
Extended clamp opening stroke with larger distance between the tie bar’s to meet the special molding requirements.
Injection unit:  A wide variety of screws are available for different polymer processing requirements. Special engineering materials are used to manufacture the screws to ensure optimal quality and processing life;
High quality nitride or chrome plated alloy screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel provided anti corrosion with high wear resistance for an extended working life.
The injection unit incorporates a dual-pillar supporting system with balanced twin cylinder injection unit for evenly distributed force and rapid screw motion;
Nozzle alignment is provided using a simple mechanism with fine adjustment for accurate centering;
Hydraulic system: The hydraulic oil flow design applied modular block technology for rapid oil transfer and dynamic system response. Control valves are located in close proximity with each major control group.
Charge back pressure makes melting precise and stable, of which can meet all kinds of new products with different injection process.
World renowned control valves applied to precisely control every machine movement. Fixed pump system provides stable output, quick response, powerful strength.
Major hydraulic components and seals are sourced from world famous manufacturers providing high reliability and interchangeability.
Oil pipelines are positioned for aesthetic appearance and easy maintenance.
Control system: Screen protection function, extends the life of the screen
Super light emitting diode display status for input/output point, make it easier for operation and maintenance personnel to master system’s movement status
Set the keyboard lock function, prevent operators to make any changes of the stored information
Computer set and PID closed-loop controls heating temperature precisely, the temperature ranges from 0~399°C.
Complete close electrical control box, electrical components arranged neatly. Mutual interference, and has the function of dustproof and waterproof.
The control panel applies color screen technology, of which detect production process and display all kinds of malfunction analysis.
The latest computer system provides fast information response with user-friendly operation. 
The toggle system uses oil-sleeve bushes lubricated by an automatically control central lubrication unit which provides excellent lubrication quality to all points and extends the clamping unit working life.
There are 2 type of lubrication agent, one is lubrication grease, the other is lubrication oil, per customer's final products requirements, medical parts prefer to use lubrication oil to avoid any contamination.
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Marlo - US,Los Angeles
5/5  stars
Dec 15.2021
A cheap electric injection molding machine, easy to operate, I used it to make plastic products, and it ended up perfectly. Its speed is beyond my imagination.
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