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Injection molding is the most popular method of manufacturing plastic parts on the planet. The global market value of this process is close to 260 million U.S. dollars, and it is expected to continue to grow in the foreseeable future.
This technology is widely used in various industries such as aerospace, medical equipment, and automobiles. In these industries, advanced technologies such as overmolding and insert molding are used to manufacture even the most complex parts with impeccable precision.
When you only consider the broad advantages of injection molding, you will understand why millions of companies in some of the most demanding industries in the world are using injection molding machines to implement their part designs.
But why is injection molding machine manufacturing so effective? How does it work?
Let us delve into this topic and answer all important questions. We will start with the following questions.
1.What is injection molding
2.What is an injection molding machine
3.What are the injection molding machines
4.How to buy an injection molding machine
What is injection molding
Injection molding is a manufacturing process for mass production of parts. It is most commonly used in mass production processes, in which the same part is continuously manufactured thousands or even millions of times.
Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which a part is produced by injecting a material in liquid form into a mold. It is most commonly used in thermoplastic polymers, but can also be used in a variety of other materials, including metals and glass. The working principle of this process is to heat small particles of material into a molten liquid, and then force the hot liquid through a nozzle into the mold, the internal cavity of which is the negative of any part being created. The molten part is cooled, and then removed from the mold through a thimble.
What is an injection molding machine

Injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main molding equipment for molding thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics into plastic products of various shapes by using plastic molds. The injection molding machine heats the plastic and applies high pressure to the molten plastic to fill the mold cavity.

An injection molding machine is usually composed of an injection system, a mold system, a hydraulic drive system, an electrical control system, a lubrication system, a heating and cooling system, and a safety monitoring system. It is a process of injecting plastic with a good plasticized and molten state (ie, viscous state) into a closed cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and the product is obtained after solidification and shaping.

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Why use injection molding

Plastic injection molding reliably produces a large number of consistent, high-quality units. There are several other compelling reasons to consider this process:

1. Fast production speed and high efficiency. Injection molding can produce an astonishing number of parts per hour. The speed depends on the complexity and size of the mold, and each cycle time is between 15-120 seconds.

2. Low labor cost. Plastic injection molding is an automated process, and automation helps reduce manufacturing costs because management costs are significantly reduced. Most of these processes are executed by machines and robots, and the only operator can control and manage them.

3. Design flexibility. The mold itself is subjected to extremely high pressure. As a result, the plastic in the mold is pressed tighter and allows a large number of details to be imprinted on the part and to create complex or complex shapes.

4. High-volume production. Thousands of parts can be produced before maintenance tools are needed.

5. Large selection of materials. There are a variety of polymer resins to choose from. Multiple plastic materials can also be used at the same time.

6. Low scrap rate. Compared with traditional manufacturing processes, post-production waste produced by injection molding is very small. However, any unused or discarded plastic can be reground and recycled for future use.

7. Can include insertion. Metal or plastic inserts can be insert molded.

8. Good color control. Plastic parts can be made into any desired color through the use of master batches or composites.

9. Product consistency. Injection molding is a repeatable process; in other words, the second part you produce will be exactly the same as the first, and so on. This is a huge advantage when trying to mass produce high tolerances and part reliability.

10. Reduce finishing requirements. Post-production work is usually rarely required, because the parts usually have a good finished appearance when they are ejected.

11. Increase strength. When plastic injection molding, fillers can be used in the molding material. These fillers reduce the density of the plastic during the molding process and help add greater strength to the finished part.

Injection molding machine types
There are many different types of injection molding machines, depending on what you are producing and how the injection molding machine affects the product. Machines are mainly classified according to the type of drive system they use: hydraulic, electric and hybrid.
Hydraulic injection molding machine
Hydraulic injection molding machines were the only available option until a Japanese company introduced the first electric injection molding machine in the early 1980s. The following are some of the advantages of the full hydraulic injection molding machine:
Lower price tag: The basic price of these machines is significantly lower than their alternatives.
Cheaper parts: If the parts on the machine need to be replaced due to damage or the life of the parts reaches the limit, the replacement parts are cheaper and easier to find.
Stronger components: The hydraulic components of the machine are more resistant to wear-they are durable.
Power: The hydraulic forming machine has excellent clamping force.
Electric injection molding machine
Since its birth, the all-electric molding machine has quickly become popular. The following are some of the advantages of the all-electric injection molding machine:
Energy efficiency: Electric injection molding machines use energy only when they are running-this means that the output of the motor is only equal to the output required by the load.
Reduce downtime: There is no chance of oil leakage, so there is no need to stop for maintenance. In addition, the absence of oil means that there is no need to replace the filter, which means less cost for consumables.
Faster process: These machines are digitally controlled, which means that the process is completely repeatable and does not require supervision.
Clean operation: The all-electric injection molding machine does not use oil, so if you manufacture medical parts, you can use it safely. Generally, these parts should be created in a clean room area.
Hybrid injection molding machine
Hybrid injection molding machines guarantee the best of both worlds by combining the advantages of electric motors and hydraulic systems. The following are some of the advantages of hybrid injection molding machines:
Diversity: The possible combinations of hybrid injection molding machines open up new design flexibility.
The best of both worlds: The hybrid molding machine combines the energy saving and precision of an electric molding machine with the power generation capability of a hydraulic device.
Replacing the motor: Hybrid power replaces the fixed-speed DC pump motor with a variable-speed AC drive, so the pump runs only when needed and uses the necessary amount of oil to improve process efficiency.
Less downtime: Compared with fully hydraulic or fully electric molding machines, they require less maintenance and less downtime.
Price point: Nice drop between full hydraulic and full electric molding machines, making it an affordable option. Especially for medical device manufacturers.
What are the precautions for injection molding
Before you buy an injection molding machine and produce injection products, please consider the following points:
Cost considerations
Entry cost: A large initial investment is required to prepare the product for injection molding. Make sure you understand this key point in advance.
Production quantity
Determine the number of parts produced when injection molding becomes the most cost-effective manufacturing method
Determine the number of parts you want to break even on your investment (consider the cost of design, testing, production, assembly, marketing, and distribution, and the expected price point for sales). Build a conservative margin.
Design considerations
Part design: You want to design parts by considering injection molding from the very beginning. Simplifying the geometry as early as possible and minimizing the number of parts will bring benefits in the future.
Mold design: Ensure that the mold design can prevent defects in the production process.
How to buy an injection molding machine

Plastic injection molding reliably produces parts in a cost-effective manner. It also provides you with a series of material and design options, and produces parts that can reduce the total cost of product production, and reduces the cost of equipment or vehicles by reducing the weight of their use. How to buy an efficient injection molding machine becomes very important.

The following suggestions are listed, and I hope it will be helpful for you to choose an injection molding machine.

1. Choose the right model

According to your own products and raw materials, make the machine model, specification and size, and select the model.

2. Injection volume

Determine the required "injection volume" from the product weight and the number of cavities, and select the appropriate "screw diameter". The number of cavities needs to be considered when calculating the weight of the finished product. For example, the weight of the single product is 10g, and the weight of the finished product is 20g. For the sake of stability, the injection volume is generally required to be more than 1.35 times the weight of the finished product. Within 75% of the shot.

3. Lock

The tonnage of "clamping force" is determined by the product and the plastic. When the raw material is injected into the cavity at high pressure, it will generate force to support the mold, so the clamping device of the injection molding machine must provide enough "clamping force" to prevent the mold from expanding.

4. The mold size is right

From the mold size, determine whether the machine’s "large column inner distance", "mold thickness", and "mold minimum size" are appropriate to ensure that the mold can be placed.

5. The product can be taken out smoothly

Determine whether the "mold opening stroke" and "pallet stroke" are sufficient to obtain the finished product from the mold and finished product.

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The injection molding machine has a wide range of uses, can be used in many fields and many additional product processing, and can bring high cost performance. The market demand for small injection molding machines is increasing. Choosing a suitable small injection molding machine manufacturer can bring great cost performance to the company's cost and add impetus to the development of the company and the industry.
If you need to buy small injection molding machines in bulk, the manufacturer's choice is very important. If you want to become a distributor and get benefits by buying injection molding machines in bulk at a lower price, you can consider Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers with relatively low manufacturing costs.
If you need an injection molding machine, you can browse Shuangsheng's products, because it can perfectly meet your needs and bring you greater benefits.

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