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full electric injection molding machines have been on the market for decades, and there are many advantages to using full electric injection molding machines. Although standard hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machines are still in use, many injection molding machine manufacturers have begun to manufacture full electric injection molding machines. Especially with the continuous advancement of technology and the high cost of building larger tonnage full electric molding machines have become more and more common.
What is an full electric injection molding 
In full electric injection molding machines, a digital control system is used for operation. All process-related movements are performed by electric (servo) motors. All parts of this type of machine are mechanically driven and do not use hydraulic systems for any movement, unless the machine is equipped with an external hydraulic power unit for core pulling and other movements. Energy-saving machines can be achieved by using electric motors because the electric motors are only started when movement is required. In addition, an innovative energy recovery system can capture and store kinetic energy, which can be used to power machines.
The difference between full electric injection molding machine and hydraulic injection molding machine
The main component of the injection molding machine is the motor. The key component to perform various movements of the machine is the motor. This component determines the difference between a hydraulic injection molding machine and an all-electric injection molding machine. The former adopts hydraulic drive and the latter adopts electric drive.
The hydraulic injection molding machine has a hydraulic motor, and the cost is lower than that of an electric motor. Compared with electric motors, hydraulic motors can obtain higher energy, so the injection pressure is also higher. The main disadvantage of hydraulic injection molding machines is high power consumption. The hydraulic motor is connected to the power unit and works at maximum power at each stage of the molding process, which means that the cost of electrical energy is high. The full motor only reaches the maximum mold opening and closing time at certain stages of the cycle.
Another disadvantage of using a hydraulic injection molding machine is that it may leak oil and has an expiration date, so it must be replaced. The use of engine oil increases maintenance costs due to the replacement of engine oil, and disposal has a negative impact on the environment.
The performance of hydraulic injection molding machines is always lower than that of full electric injection molding machines with the same power output. Finally, the disadvantage of considering the use of hydraulic machines is that the noise level of hydraulic drives is higher than that of electric drives.
Advantages of full electric injection molding machine
Full electric injection molding machines use servo motors to drive all machine movements and do not require hydraulic oil.
All electric injection molding machines will not leak oil because they do not use oil. Your workshop will be clean and oil-free. When you are in an industry requiring food packaging, medical molding or clean room, a clean production environment will be necessary.
Because there is no need to use hydraulic oil, the maintenance process and cost of oil change are reduced, which is equivalent to reducing production costs.
full electric injection molding machines can provide a clean and quiet working environment, and provide an excellent production environment for products in many industries.
Energy saving
A standard hydraulic injection molding machine has one or more pumps that generate hydraulic pressure, and a valve that directs pressure to the hydraulic mechanism to build up the pressure according to the required movement. The full electric injection molding machine does not have a central motor, but uses a separate motor designed for each function required by the entire machine, which means that all motors can be idle, knowing that they need to work. Compared with the hydraulic injection molding machine that needs to work continuously, it saves nearly 65% ​ ​Of the electricity.
Because full electric injection molding machines have no hydraulic system, machine cooling is not required. The cooling required is the mold and the feed port, and only a low-temperature cooling circuit is required. Means less capital investment, less maintenance and maintenance costs, less energy consumption and lower expenses.
High repetition and quality
High precision
Full electric injection molding machines have the highest accuracy and repeatability. This is because these injection molding machines use rotating electric servo motors to drive their movement. This type of motion allows the process to completely eliminate the fluctuations and inaccuracies of hydraulically driven motion and its inevitable pressure curve.
Consistent production
Full electric injection molding machines are considered to have "closed loop" control, because they control each movement through the physical gear rotation of the servo motor, and can continuously monitor and control their position and speed, regardless of the environment, with very strict tolerances .
High speed
Full electric injection molding machines are designed with synchronous motion, and mold clamping and injection, mold opening and ejection work at the same time. It greatly helps to shorten the cycle time and easily achieve high-efficiency production.

Using an full electric injection molding machine, you will produce in a working environment with no oil, less maintenance, lower noise, higher precision, higher efficiency, and better energy saving.
How to find full electric injection molding machine manufacturers
More and more customers want to choose full electric injection molding machines because:
Energy saving
High precision and repeatable
High speed
Less maintenance and higher efficiency bring greater cost benefits and long-term production operations, making full electric injection molding machines more and more favored by customers.

When customers want to produce with lower operating costs and high efficiency, they generally recommend Shuangsheng's full electric injection molding machine, because it can perfectly meet your needs and bring you greater benefits.

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