S Series Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

150T Hot Sale 250grams Injection Molding Machine(SSF1500-S)

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150T Hot Sale 250grams Injection Molding Machine(SSF1500-S)
150T Hot Sale 250grams Injection Molding Machine(SSF1500-S)



Shuangsheng is the top injection molding machine manufacturer in China. It has been providing manufacturing and customized injection molding machine services to customers worldwide. The clamping force of the injection molding machine provided by our servo system ranges from 32T to 480T.

Features of Our Servo Injection Molding Machine

  • Double cylinder balanced injection system;
  • Multi-stage pressure &speed injection;
  • Back pressure adjustment device;
  • Low-pressure mould protection;
  • Single hydraulic core pulling and inserting;
  • Multiple hydraulic ejector knock-out;
  • Mechanical, electrical safety device;
  • Auto lubrication system;
  • Hydraulic pressure full proportional control;
  • Computer control system;
  • Molding data memory system;
  • Automatic mould adjust function;
  • Energy-saving with servo motor;

Parameters of 1500kn Injection Plastic Machine As Below

SSF1500 Parameters 
Items Parameter Unit SSF1500
Injection Unit Screw diameter  mm A B C
38 42 45
Screw L/D ratio L/D 23.7 21.4 20
Shot volume(theoretical) Cm3 226 277 318
Injection weight(PS) g 206 252 289
Oz 7.3 8.9 10.2
Plasticizing Capacity g/s 16 22 28
Injection rate g/s 106 130 149
Injection pressure Mpa 223 183 159
Screw speed rpm 220
Clamping unit Clamp force KN 1500
Open stroke mm 400
Distance between tie bars (W*H) mm 430*430
Max mould thickness mm 480
Min mould thickness mm 160
Ejector stroke mm 130
Ejector force KN 45
Ejector number PC 5
Dia of mould location hole mm 125
Others Max pump pressure Mpa 16
Servo motor power KW 16.4
Heating power KW 10.3
Machine dimension(L*W*H) m 4.5*1.35*1.9
Machine weight T 4
Oil tank capacity L 250
Notes:(1)Theoretical injection volume=screw diameter×screw stroke;
         (2)Actual injection weight is 91% of the theoretical volume;
         (3)All the data is PS values.
Remark: Above-mentioned technical parameters are all theoretical values in 50HZ operation state. The technical parameters are subject to change for technical improvement without notice.

Mold platen drawing

Parts That Can Be Produced

Customized injection molding machine solutions for you now

SSF1500-S injection molding machines, with energy saving features, applies to the injection molding process of various kinds of thermoplastics.


Advantages of servo motor

1. There is no extra energy consumption due to output volume changes according to load alteration. In the phase of holding pressure, servo motor lowers rotate speed and consumes a little of energies. In the phase of cooling, motor doesn’t work and consumes no energy. According to different products, servo energy saving injection molding machines will save 20%~80% energy and bring you prominent economic benefit.

2.High precision, high response: The pressure sensor and rotary encoder with high precision and high sensitivity achieve pressure, flow closed-loop control, allowing the repeat precision error to be less than 1%. It only takes 0.05 second to reach the largest output power.

3.Save the cooling water: No constant flow pump and speed set motor overflow heating. When the temperature of hydraulic oil is lower, the cooling water is greatly reduced.

4.Super energy saving: Compared with variable pump system, it can save 40% of the power. Compared with constant flow pump and fixed speed motor. It can save 60% of the power.(Different kinds of products have different energy saving effects.

5.Low noise: The noise is below 78db. Servo motor has almost no noise when no movement of machine.

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